People live longer and want to be healthier to enjoy life and be productive members of their families and communities. Growing older now, however, can be both confusing and challenging. The number of choices and decisions we have to make is dizzying. Because of this, we have expanded our 30-year Family Practice to encompass Anti-aging Medicine. — Dr. Linda Marraccini  

Dr. Marraccini has received her Certification in Anti-aging Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. The Academy includes physicians and scientists from 65 countries who combine their knowledge and expertise with the express mandate of advancing therapeutics related to the science of longevity medicine.

If you have had your cholesterol tested, taken a lipid-lowering drug, had a mammogram, or taken hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, melatonin, or DHEA, you have experienced Anti-aging medicine. This form of medicine is based on the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related disease. Ninety percent of all adult illness is due to the degenerative processes of aging. This includes heart disease, most cancers, adult-onset diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s.

With early detection and appropriate intervention, most of these diseases can be prevented, cured, or have their downward course reversed.

For those who wish to be matched with a physician who makes a commitment to learning and practicing ways in which to live longer and better, Dr. Marraccini’s expanded practice can provide you the answers and the support as you embark on a healthy Anti-aging regimen.


Anti-Aging and Your Lifestyle

Aging well takes care. It takes a balance diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully selected supplements, exercise, an upbeat outlook on life and its possibilities, a renewing sense of self, and managing the physical, mental and emotional changes that coming with growing older.

You can turn to Dr. Marraccini to help you feel and look your best. To anticipate and manage the changes you are facing, and to plan for an optimum lifestyle.

Practices to include in your daily routine include
  • Balanced, healthy nutrition and supplementation
  • Preventative screenings
  • Managing expectations
  • Learning about resources and options
  • Aesthetic care that matches the way you look with the way you feel
  • Meditation 15+ minutes per day
  • Brain exercises 15+ minutes per day
  • Aerobic exercises 15+ minutes at least 3x per week
  • Strength (weight) training 20 minutes 2 to 3x per week