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Dr. Linda Marraccini is thrilled to offer a line of products, more progressive in the approach to skin protection, rejuvenation and enhancement.
AMLABS_300x75fter years of reviewing products available on the market, “I feel these products offer superior characteristics with not only reversal but a proactive approach to the causes of future skin changes, such as free radical damage”.
These products not only have high levels of peptides, antioxidants, alpha hydroxyacids and botanicals, but are cruelty-free and have no excess packaging, to decrease environmental impact. They contain no parabens and use food grade natural preservatives.
Our eM-line products are grouped into four categories, as described below. For full product details & ordering CLICK HERE.
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hese cleansers jump start each skin care routine by washing away impurities and setting the foundation for the skin to receive vital nutrients from other treatment products. Formulated with hydrating, oil-balancing and soothing botanicals, each cleanser will produce a remarkable improvement in skin texture and hydration level. All are soap-free, pH balanced and utilize non-comedogenic lathering ingredients.


cientifically based anti-aging products utilize active ingredients in ideal levels that assure real skin improvement. These advanced skin care products help reduce the effects of environmental stress & aging, strengthen elastin fibers and boost collagen production, dramatically rejuvenating the skin’s appearance.


aximizing skin hydration gives skin a plumper, smoother texture and a healthy radiance. State-of-the-art moisturizers utilize advanced hydrators, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Hawaiian Algae Peptides to ensure skin is replenished, soft and smooth.


ighten, hydrate and pamper the eye and lip area with treatments designed to minimize the effects of aging and environmental stress. These advanced antioxidant formulations offer cumulative results by combining superior hydrating and unique collagen boosting ingredients in peptide delivery systems.